Where Should You Swim in the Atherton Tablelands?

A natural paradise bursting with lush rainforests, waterfalls, and volcanic crater lakes. The spellbinding beauty of the place gives you a breath of fresh air away from the concrete jungle. With thick humidity and sunny days, taking a break within the thick greenery to plunge into one of the many glistening swimming spots is well worth it. But where to start? There are countless watering holes to choose from the Atherton Tablelands, so we have picked the best of the best for you to head to!

  • Millaa Millaa

    This stunning rainforest has become worldwide famous for its aesthetic appeal and iconic representation. Most particularly when Peter Andre splashed around in this beautiful waterfall during his popular “Mysterious Girl” music video. Like many films and music videos which use real-life backdrops, the location became a hit, with many music fans visiting the location to re-enact the video. Since then it has featured in countless postcards, advertisements, and more, being one of the most picturesque locations around.

  • Lake Barrine

    Lake Barrine is no ordinary lake, being something quite special. It is, in fact, a water-filled crater left by a volcanic eruption that was around 10,000 years ago. It is a freshwater lake, home to an array of marine wildlife. You can swim the shallow borders of the lake or travel out even further on the 45-minute boat cruise of the region. With plenty of room to swim, a few walking tracks, and a picnic area, you can make a day of it in the stunning lake area. Additionally, you can even grab a snack at the nearby Lake Barrine Teahouse.

  • Lake Eacham

    Another volcanic crater! Lake Eacham is even larger than Lake Barrine, averaging 65 metres in depth. The tranquil lake is an enclosed wonder, bordered by thick greenery surrounding the crystal-clear waters. It is the perfect place for a picnic day in the sun, with BBQ facilities, and permanent outdoor bathrooms sprinkling the edges. As the waters are so clear, snorkelling here is a great activity, letting you discover the native fish and stunning plant life littering the lake’s bottom.

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