Millaa Millaa Falls, Queensland

Millaa Falls Road, Millaa Millaa, Queensland 4886

Set outside of Cairns, the Tablelands region sprawls out in a show of ancient scenery and picturesque landmarks.

Millaa Millaa Falls

At the heart of it all Millaa Millaa Falls boasts a heritage-listed plunge waterfall that has been on the Heritage Register since 2005.

The falls can be found close to the charming town of Millaa Millaa, the name of which is taken from the Aboriginal phrase MaMu that refers to a rainforest vine that is common in the area. The waterfall itself soars around 18 metres skywards and there is a pool at the base that’s the perfect spot for an afternoon dip.

Millaa Millaa is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands thanks to its aesthetic appeal and iconic representation. The images of the falls are some of the most recognised from the region, many of which are used to advertise the Tablelands and the surrounding scenery. On top of that, the falls have barely changed at all over hundreds of years, leading to an area rich in history and natural beauty.

Why Millaa Millaa Falls is Famous

But it’s not just images of the falls that make it one of the most famous landmarks in the Tablelands region. As well as boasting eclectic scenery than spans back hundreds of years, the falls have also featured in a range of popular culture films, videos, and adverts.

  • The Mysterious Girl Music Video

    Remember Peter Andre splashing around against beautiful waterfalls in the video for his classic hit “Mysterious Girl”? That was filmed at the Millaa Milla Falls, providing the song with a tropical backdrop to go with its catchy summer tune.

  • The Herbal Essence Adverts

    Perhaps the most recognisable place you’ll see Millaa Millaa Falls in popular culture though is on the Rainforest – Waterfall Herbal Essence adverts for the brand’s Rainforest Deep Nourishment and Shine shampoo product.

    The advert is famed for showing a woman washing her hair in a waterfall, and the waterfall shown in the ad is Millaa Millaa Falls.

  • XXXX Gold Beer Advert

    Finally, Millaa Millaa Falls has featured in the XXXX Gold Beer advert “Jacko’s Retreat”, again adding a tropical backdrop to the product.

Millaa Millaa Falls is a historic landmark in the Atherton Tablelands, but contemporary culture has used it to advertise hair products, beer, and shampoo, making it recognisable across the world thanks to its regular appearance on TV screens.

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