How to Explore the Coral Reef Around Green Island

How to Explore the Coral Reef Around Green Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/03/2017

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Set just off the coast of Cairns, you can reach Green Island in about 45 minutes on a fast catamaran.

To get there, you cross the majestic Coral Sea, which is filled to the brim with exciting marine life and beautiful coral cays.

Green Island itself is thought to be around 6,000 years old and makes up part of the impressive Great Barrier Reef. It is a truly incredible natural wonder. On the island, you can spot more than 120 species of native Australian plant, as well as hundreds of species of bird and wild animals. But the real reason visitors hotfoot it to Green Island is for the mesmerising display of underwater life.

Here, the waters surrounding the sandy shores are a painting of colourful fish, centuries-old corals, and other sea life. In fact, Green Island’s is the only coral cay in the Great Barrier Reef that has a rainforest growing on it. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us!

Scientists suggest the island and its surrounding coral cays was formed in the time between the last Ice Age, which was around 8,000 years ago, and now. Before then, the low sea levels destroyed all the previously existing sand cays.

The Habitats in the Coral Reef Surrounding Green Island

The reefs around Green Island are a plethora of incredible sights. They boast two key habitats that a huge range of tropical marine life calls home.

Over 190 different types of hard corals and more than 100 types of soft corals for starters. Plus, there are the seagrass beds that languish in the shallows. Here, you can find smaller fish and creatures that prefer to stay closer to the shoreline.

Further out towards the ocean, there is another reef that is home to larger sea creatures. Keep your eyes open to see ancient turtles, larger fish, and majestic rays.

How to Experience the Coral Cay Around Green Island

There are numerous different ways you can get to know the coral cays and marine life surrounding Green Island. You can snorkel and dive, getting up close and personal with the various different creatures, or you can take a glass-bottom boat trip to explore the scenery from above.

With so much to see you’ll be kept busy all day long on an adventure around this beautiful island.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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