The Sea life of Green Island

The Sea life of Green Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/28/2016

Reading time: 3 mins

Explore the remarkable underwater world at Green Island!

Green Island sits about 45 minutes from Cairns across the stunning expanse of the Great Barrier Reef. The Island boasts a 6,000-year-old coral cay that’s home to hundreds of colourful and fascinating marine species. Here, visitors can snorkel and dive to explore the underwater world or take a glass bottom boat tour.

The reefs that surround Green Island provide the perfect habitat for a number of tropical marine life. Seagrass beds are home to young fish hiding from predators, large, ancient sea turtles, and prehistoric-looking dugong that feed on the grass. Here, there are more than 190 different types of hard corals and over 100 types of soft corals. They each provide a vital habitat that house different species and underwater life.

There are two main habitats that surround Green Island. First of all, there are the seagrass beds which languish in the shallows. Then there is the reef, that begins in the shallows and continues out into the depths of the ocean.

If you’re exploring the underwater world of Green Island, you can expect to see numerous different types of creature.

  • Tropical Fish

    A huge selection of colourful fish glide beneath the surface of the Coral Sea in this part of Australia. All of them boast vibrant patterns, including the popular butterfly fish which can be found in abundance in this part of the ocean. Keep an eye out for clown fish and surgeonfish, you might be able to recognise them from the popular movie Finding Nemo! In fact, there are so many species that it is common to see hundreds in one day.

  • Ancient Sea Turtles

    The ancient sea turtles provide a glimpse into the Great Barrier Reef’s lengthy and rich history. These prehistoric creatures glide effortlessly through the waters, coming back to the Green Island reef to feed and breed. There are several types of sea turtles that can be found along the Great Barrier Reef. The most commonly seen however is the green turtle. Keep an eye out for their smooth, olive green shells.

  • Dugong

    Dugongs are strange looking but fascinating creatures. You can find them in the seagrass habitats around Green Island. Here they feed on the long reeds and relax in the warm shallows. They are Australia’s only strictly herbivore mammal and eat approximately 40kg of seagrass daily!

  • Corals

    The coral cays make up a huge part of the marine life of Green Island. These ancient backdrops provide most of the food and homes of the many creatures that live in the area. Without them, this vast array of marine life wouldn’t be able to survive. Amongst the hard and soft corals, you’ll find molluscs, small fish, and other creatures hiding, feeding, and resting. Be awed by their stunning shapes and colours.

Taking a trip to Green Island means immersing yourself in the amazing underwater world that surrounds it. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the cool waters of the Great Barrier Reef or want to learn more about the marine life, this is the perfect place to do it.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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