Seawalker Helmet Diving

Seawalker Helmet Diving in Green Island

Green Island is one of the best places to visit while exploring the Great Barrier Reef. With a variety of activities, resorts, and tours, Green Island has something for everyone.

Say goodbye to normal and enjoy an experience you didn’t even know exist! Green Island has broken the Great Barrier Reef mould to introduce helmet diving. Glass bottom boats, snorkelling and diving are all still awesome, but helmet diving is a whole new kind of fun.

What is helmet diving exactly?

I’m glad you asked.

Chances are, what you’re picturing in your head is exactly what helmet diving is. It’s rather self-explanatory. But I’m not one for condescension so, if you’re still unsure, keep reading.

Before entering the water, a large helmet is placed over your head, think astronaut helmet to help visualise it. The helmet has a large tube attached that reaches up above the ocean surface, providing the wearer with fresh air. Almost like a really, really long snorkel! From the boat, you’ll slip into the water and slowly descend to the sea floor. Once you’ve reached the sandy bottom, you’ll be able to walk through the water, no swimming required.

The best part about this activity is that you do not need to have any diving or swimming experience. This means it’s a perfect choice for those a bit unsure in the water. Plus, the large size of the helmet eliminates any claustrophobia that you might experience if diving. Additionally, to this, your air source is from above the water, meaning you won’t need to carry heavy air tanks on your back. As you can see, helmet diving is really a great activity for the whole family.

As you walk across the reef floor, you’ll have a personal view of the marine life in the Great Barrier Reef. Look for creatures and corals on the ocean floor that you might miss if choosing to dive or snorkel. With your feet firmly planted on the sandy sea ground, you’ll have greater stability and control over your own movements. Helmet diving allows you to move at your own to really soak in the beauty around you.

Is helmet diving safe?

Like all water activities, there are safety precautions to take and your instructor will brief you before you enter the water. Your briefing includes a few hand signals to use underwater and tricks to keep your breathing steady. Your helmet dive will go for half an hour, and follows a guided path.

Helmet diving will take you deeper than snorkelling, but not as deep as scuba diving. The coolest part of this experience is the marine life you see. By moving slowly through the water you’ll have a chance to see more animals up close.

Many people aren’t aware of helmet diving and miss the opportunity to enjoy this experience. If you don’t know how to swim or are scared to swim in the Great Barrier Reef, helmet diving is a fantastic option for you. You will experience the reef underwater at your own pace with your feet planted nicely on the reef floor.

And the best part of it all? You get the chance to watch fish feed right in front of you. Now who wouldn’t want to see that?