Where is Green Island?

Where is Green Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/12/2019

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The Great Barrier Reef is not only famous for its underwater reef system, but it’s endless islands also.

Across the reef there are over 900 islands, ranging in size, location and accessibility. Each has its own habitat and micro-ecosystem supporting the surrounding wild and marine life. By far one of the most accessible and beautiful islands is Green Island. Covered in lush rainforests filled with bright bird life, Green Island is a fantastic day trip. The nearby shallow reefs make snorkelling and swimming fantastic activities with easy access to see beautiful marine life.

Though the islands range in size, location and habitat, but Green Island is particularly unique.

What makes it Unique?

Like most of the reef’s islands, this one comes with crystal clear waters, golden white sands, and an endless array of wildlife. What makes it so different from the other is out of all the coral cays dispersed about, Green Island is the only one with a rainforest growing on top of it.

The island formed over six thousand years ago, developing over the years to become the home for a diverse range of flora and fauna. Today it is one of the most popular destinations in Queensland. Although some say this is due to the island putting Cairns on the map when it first launched the world’s first underwater observatory.

Others argue that the islands stunning wildlife that brings it fame. Many iconic marine animals are seen around the coral cay, including dugong and sea turtle.

Its whereabouts

Nestled deep within the outer ocean of Queensland coast, Green Island is around about 27 kilometres northeast of Cairns. It is one of the closest Great Barrier Reef islands to inland Australia, located right up front of the line.

The trip to the island however is relatively easy, and is commonly undertaken by tour operators.

How to get there

There are only two options for travelling to the island, either by boat or helicopter. The helicopter, although definitely guarantees stunning views and an unforgettable experience, is usually a bit too expensive for the everyday travellers.

Therefore, most visitors will come by boat, travelling either on their own vessel or with a tour. Boat trips from Cairns usually takes up to 45 minutes. They run daily to and from the island to offer guests a full day of island fun. Usually, Cairns is the departing point for the boats. If you are staying in a nearby town such as Port Douglas, make sure to leave plenty of time to get to the Cairns marina.

We always recommend departing as early as possible, after all, the earlier the leave, the earlier you arrive on the island. Now who doesn’t want to maximise their time in paradise!

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