What is Fitzroy Island known for?

What is Fitzroy Island known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/12/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Fitzroy Island is known for everything it should be: it is a sublime tropical wonderland of the kind of cobalt waters, lush beaches and stunning rainforest that make it a marvel to gaze upon!

Situated just off the Cairns’ coastline, Fitzroy Island is the island hub that makes this part of the Great Barrier Reef so wonderfully dreamy, being a diver’s paradise and pretty much a paradise for anyone who wants to relax in a pretty tranquil place…

So, what is Fitzroy Island known for? And why should it be on any Great Barrier Reef visitor’s itinerary?

Let’s find out below:

It’s so, so good for diving (& snorkelling…)

Fitzroy Island is bang in the middle of the Reef’s most vibrant region, so you can be sure that you’ll be set for some pretty spectacular sea life when you chuck on your snorkel or tank and get below the turquoise waters.

And what makes some of the island’s snorkelling so spectacular is just how close it is to land, with hard coral spots located just offshore from some of the island’s best beaches!

Speaking of beaches…

Fitzroy Island, being a tropical haven, is sure to host some pretty lush beaches, right? You sure are right, especially when you consider that Nudey Beach was named Australia’s very best by Tourism Australia.

But don’t worry, this isn’t due to Tourism Australia’s penchant for nude sunbathing – Nudey Beach isn’t actually a nudist beach – meaning it’s perfectly suitable for people of all age to trek through the forest out to this gorgeous coastline and hang out in the perfect crystal-clear water!

Water sports

Not only is Fitzroy Island a diver’s paradise, but it’s also a pretty fab spot to try out other water adventures like stand up paddle boarding and boating. Not only are these two water adventures on the menu, but you can also hop aboard a fantastic glass bottom boat tour that allows you to see some of the Reef’s most fascinating wildlife without actually getting in the water – perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to get too close to all that marine life.

It’s a hiker’s heaven

Hiking is one of the ultimate Fitzroy Island activities, especially because there are multiple tracks of varying difficulty levels that everyone can enjoy! Naturally, a hike called the “Summit Track” is going to be on the upper-fitness level, but there are other wondrous walks like that of the Secret Garden trail, an easy walk that takes you through the island’s most colourful and vibrant flora…


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