What can you do in Cairns for half a day?

What can you do in Cairns for half a day?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/30/2021

Reading time: 3 mins

Cairns is Australia’s tropical wonderland town: a vibrant place where you can head out to the mighty Great Barrier Reef one day and into the lush tropical rainforest the next!

That’s right, whether you’re chucking on the scuba gear, heading out to the gorgeous Atherton Tablelands or just checking out the fun and excitement around town, Cairns is a city that has staked its claim as one of Australia’s go-to holiday destinations and for very good reason.

So, what can you do in just half a day in Cairns? Sure, it may be tempting to lay around your resort pool, but you will certainly miss some of the things that make this town one of the most exciting in all of Australia.

Pull yourself up off that beach towel lazy – it’s time to check out these awesome half day Cairns experiences:

Reef tours

Yes, you can most certainly explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef within a half day tour! Cairns happens to be one of the ultimate spots to launch out into the wonders of the reef, so you will have no problems jumping aboard one of the numerous reef tours that take you out to the action in no time.

Whether you’re snorkelling, scuba diving or keeping dry on an uber fun glass bottom boat tour Cairns has everything you need to experience this natural wonder within the space of just a few hours!

Green Island

Just a short ferry ride from town, Green Island is one of the most sublime in all of the Great Barrier Reef, rightly earning its cliche status as a tropical, wait for it – yep, paradise.

Green Island is replete with the fun stuff that makes the Great Barrier Reef a joy for the senses, with scuba diving, glass bottom boat tours, white sand beaches, canoeing and a super fun marine world all dotting the island and its divine shores.

Chill around town

If you can’t be bothered venturing out to the Great Barrier Reef then that’s cool – Cairns has got you covered for the few hours you’ll be spending in this awesome city.

Head along the Cairns Esplanade, where great food and fun await in the form of a lagoon pool, aquarium and stunning coastal views.

It’s a pretty great way to enjoy the town in a brief timeframe…

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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