The Historic and Cultural Malanda Falls Conservation Park

The Historic and Cultural Malanda Falls Conservation Park

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/13/2016

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The Malanda Falls Conservation Park has so much for you to explore and plenty of awesome activities for the whole family to enjoy!

The Malanda Falls Conservation Park is found in the Atherton Tablelands to the west of Cairns. The park brings together crater lakes, impressive waterfalls and a lush rainforest. There are a variety of activities for visitors to explore and discover, so head on down!

  • Agricultural Activities

    Dairy and farming activities are a major part of Malanda, and help boost local economy. The Malanda Milk Factory is the most prominent in the region. The farm puts out around one million litres of milk every single week! Visitors can take a tour of the factory, which also comprises a history museum and restaurant.

    Nearby, you’ll also find Mungalli Creek Bio-dynamic Dairy and Gallo Dairyland. Both are open to the public for tours as well as exploring. Enjoy the Mungalli Creek café and taste their high-quality goods. Watch the daily milking at Gallo Dairyland, then enjoy some of their home made chocolates!

  • The Theatre

    The Majestic Theatre promises visitors the chance to go back in time to the romantic 20’s. With potato-sack seating and rustic charm, you’ll love an evening here. Enjoy beautiful silent films, joyous sing-alongs, and cult classics in the 96-year-old cinema.

    Every year, the Malanda Theatre Company puts on two or three productions. Shows range from new-style comedies to theatre favourites, and are always lots of fun!

  • Take a Swim

    The end of the Johnston River flows down from the rainforest and into Malanda at Malanda Falls. Here you’ll find some of the most breath-taking cascading waters in the area. At the base, it gathers together in a swimming pool. The clear waters offer the perfect place to take a cooling dip in the warm Australian weather.

    The falls are four metres high and thirty metres wide, making them quite the sight to see! The grounds around the pool are perfect for a picnic, and many trees provide shade from the harsh sun.

  • Malanda Visitor Centre

    Explore displays that showcase the natural and cultural history at the Malanda Visitor Centre. There is a fascinating history that is imbued in the volcanic sands and rainforests of the area. Learn about the Indigenous history of the region and discover native flora and fauna.

  • Take a Walk

    The rainforests that make up the Park are the perfect backdrop for a leisurely walk. Wander beneath beautiful canopies of lush greens and yellows. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for native creatures, birds, and trees.

The Malanda Falls Conservation Park offers a calm change from the busy streets of Cairns. Dive into nature and explore the local community. Amongst all this, there are plenty of exciting scenes to soak up. Find mesmerising waterfalls. sprawling canopies, volcanic craters and impressive lakes.

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