Malanda Falls Conservation Park, Atherton Tablelands

Malanda Atherton Rd, Malanda, Queensland 4885

The Malanda Falls Conservation Park can be found along the Malanda-Atherton Road just outside of Queensland.

Malanda Falls

It sits on the verdant sprawl of the Atherton Tableland, protecting a small but mighty tropical rainforest filled to the brim with colourful plant life and animals.

This unusual speck on the landscape is tucked between ancient crater lakes and mesmerising waterfalls, providing the perfect place to discover the tropical scenery of North Queensland.

The Green Season at Malanda Falls Conservation Park

The Green Season begins at the start of January, bringing with it a burst of colourful life into the rainforest. This is when the plants begin fruiting and the animals start breeding, making it a fantastic time to visit the park.

During this time, you can expect to see cassowaries with their chicks, tree kangaroos on the move as they look for the growth from new trees to tuck into, and a whole host of different bird species that flock to the landscape at this time of year.

What’s more, the Green Season brings tropical rain with it, bringing the smells and sounds of the rainforest to life. It’s the perfect place to escape the hot summer temperatures of Australia, as the Atherton Tablelands promise a natural air conditioning away from the heat and humidity of the coast.

Things to do around Malanda Falls

  • The Malanda Mosaics

    Check out the maps of the Malanda Mosaics along a marked trail, spotting intricate artworks as you go and learning more about the culture and history of the region.

  • The Majestic Theatre

    This heritage-listed building is thought to be the oldest remaining operating cinema in the country. It gives you the chance to step back in time to the 20s with its canvas-backed seating and historic charm.

  • Malanda Dairy Centre

    The dairy industry in the Tablelands is huge, and you can discover more about it at the Malanda Dairy Centre. Here, you can wander through the museum, take a tour of the Malanda Milk Factory, and stop for a treat in the café which serves farm fresh dishes.

  • Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine

    For a more natural experience, head to the Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine. The clear deep waters are surrounded by lush, tropical rainforest, providing a beautiful backdrop for walks and picnics.

  • Bromfield Swamp

    To explore the animal life of Malanda, head to the Bromfield Swamp, where you can see numerous colourful species of birds that call this part of the park home.

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