The Best ways to cool down at Cairns

The Best ways to cool down at Cairns

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/09/2020

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Being the heart of the tropical region of Australia, Cairns is renowned for its sweltering hot days.

The humidity runs high, with both the days and nights on the warmer side no matter what month it is. When travelling the region, many will be overwhelmed by the temperature, so working out the best water activities for your journey can be necessary. With all the rivers, creeks and waterfalls hidden about cooling you off during your Cairns adventure!

  • Mossman Gorge

    Mossman Gorge is a classic tourist spot when hopping about the area, being one of the prettiest places to visit. Nestled in one of the oldest surviving rainforests, more than a hundred million years old, the region is pristine, home to an entire series of unique plants and animals dotted about. The Mossman gorge features crystal-clear waters with ancient granite boulders scattered about, making it a perfect place for an afternoon of swimming and sunbaking.

  • Lake Tinaroo

    Hop on a boat, jet ski, or even kayak to enjoy this picture-perfect attraction. Lake Tinaroo features still waters with the stunning sky reflected perfectly on the surface. Kayakers mainly head to the shallow reaches whereas the boats move further out, both marvelling at the sheer beauty of the lake. The animals hidden within the lake are well worth the discovery, with turtles, platypus, birds, and reptiles all found about! Go during the sunset for a mesmerising view of the glowing orange sun as it slowly disappears beyond the horizon.

  • The Crater Lakes

    Millions of years ago, the region was covered with a volcanic eruption, causing many volcanic craters to form. Over the years, these crater lakes were filled with rainwater, creating perfect ecosystems for marine life within the Atherton Tablelands. Two of these crater lakes are worth the visit, known as Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine. They are tranquil water holes border by thick rainforest greenery, were many come to enjoy a serene afternoon by the water. There are picnic areas set up along the lake, so visitors can swim or kayak in the water before air drying as they munch down their lunch! As well as many walking trails that weave through the nearby bush so guests can enjoy both a water adventure as well as a rainforest one!

  • Cairns Lagoon

    If you don’t want to go out too far from your hotel, simply head to the city’s man-made lagoon! Sitting on the foreshore in downtown Cairns, this Esplanade Lagoon is perfect for those looking to cool off, but not wanting to take a long road trip out to the natural watering holes of Cairns. It is a vast saltwater pool, safely patrolled by Lifeguards, and open every day until 9pm. Visitors can choose to swim in the water, sunbake along the side, or even walk around it to people watch both the locals and tourists visiting the area!

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