Our Other Awesome Cairns Tours Are Available Now

Our Other Awesome Cairns Tours Are Available Now

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/17/2020

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While the Great Barrier Reef will undoubtedly be a highlight of any trip to Cairns, there is still plenty more discover in Tropical North Queensland!

Many travellers are drawn to Cairns for the amazing experience of exploring the Great Barrier Reef. But while snorkelling or diving the reef is an unforgettable experience, the Great Barrier Reef is not the only natural treasure accessible from Cairns. With tours to Fitzroy Island, Green Island, and Atherton Tablelands, don’t miss out on the other spectacular attractions close to Cairns.

Most tours from Cairns have recommenced after a break sue to the covid-19 pandemic. Some tours are running fewer days with limited travellers, so check the tour page for the most up to date information. We’re trying to run our tours as normal, but we appreciate your flexibility if we need to make any changes. As always, traveller and crew safety is our number one priority. While there may have been some changes to our tours from Cairns, you can be sure that the stunning locations we visit are as beautiful as ever!

  • Fitzroy Island

    The Great Barrier Reef is made not only of thousands of individual reefs, but also hundreds of islands of varying sizes. Just a short boat trip from Cairns, you can explore Fitzroy Island’s four-square kilometres of pristine rainforest, incredible fringing reef and stunning beaches. The island is also home to the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, where you can observe the incredible work of volunteers to rehabilitate sick and injured turtles. The short 45-minute boat trip to Fitzroy Island is operating daily, so check the tour page for availability and to book.

  • Atherton Tableland

    For one of the most fun days out chasing waterfalls, exploring incredible rainforest, and spotting some of Australia’s rarest animals join our tour to Atherton Tablelands. You’ll spend the day exploring this underrated region including slipping down natural waterfall slides, swimming in freshwater lakes created in extinct volcano craters, and admiring the impressive Cathedral Fig Tree. The tour includes a picnic lunch and is running with a reduced capacity, so book via the tour page to avoid missing out.

  • Green Island

    Another tropical paradise not far from Cairns is the stunning Green Island. Jump aboard the luxury catamaran for the short trip to discover postcard perfect beaches, lined with swaying coconut trees. Laze about on the white sandy beaches or explore the rainforest via the walking tracks that zigzag across the island. In the water, there are plenty of opportunities to snorkel the fringing reef to admire the array of marine life, and other unique activities on offer including the glass-bottom boat, semi-submersible and helmet diving. If you’re lucky you might spot one of the turtles that love to graze in the nearby seagrass meadows.

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