Making the most of your wet season visit to Cairns

Making the most of your wet season visit to Cairns

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/03/2020

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Don’t let the wet season scare you away from beautiful Cairns. There are so many wonderful activities for you to enjoy, even if it is a little wet!

  • Inflatable Kingdom

    When it is wet and gloomy outside and the kids have more energy to burn than you can contain, head to Inflatable Kingdom. For two and a half hours the kids can go wild jumping and climbing around the inflatable heaven. They can run their way through blow-up mazes and race each other down the giant slippery dip. By the time their session has run out, they’ll be too exhausted to run you off your feet!

  • Zoom through the air

    Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome is fun for the whole family, plus it’s conveniently located indoors! Soar through the sky on the rope course across the wildlife park and over the giant crocodile. You’ll climb, balance and zipline through the dome almost 12m off the ground. Colourful birds fly throughout the canopy saying hello to you and your companions. The ropes course is a great way to get up close and personal with these colourful friends. With your feet firmly back on the ground, attend the animal talks to learn more about some special Aussie natives. While you’re here, have a photo with a snake, crocodile or koala for the perfect souvenir.

  • Pontoon Adventures

    If it’s already raining, why not commit to getting a bit wet on a pontoon tour?

    While it may be gloomy around Cairns, you might discover the outer reefs are still enjoying clear skies. If not, you’re already getting wet so you might as well jump in! Plus, the fish and marine life in the reef certainly don’t care about the rain. You’ll still see plenty of colourful wildlife! Most pontoons have waterslides and sunbeds to relax on too. Lay out on a lounge under an umbrella and enjoy the warm air. We hear waterslides are extra fast when it’s raining, so grab your friends and get ready to race.

  • All aboard the Tablelands Express

    Escape the rain with a ride on the Tablelands Express. Jump aboard the historic steam train and creep through the wetlands. Watch the rain rolling off the windows as you ascend Queensland’s steepest railway tracks. Soon you’ll reach your destination, the historic village of Herberton. This open-air museum has over 50 original buildings for you to explore. Wander through historic stores and workshops for a true authentic 1880s experience.

  • If in doubt, beer is the answer

    If nothing else floats your boat, then escape the muggy wet season heat at a brewery. Cairns has a budding brewing scene and it is incredibly easy to spend an afternoon turned late night at one. Head down to Hemingway’s on the Cairns Warf and taste your way through their 19m long bar. With at least 10 brews on tap at any time is the perfect place to keep dry. If you’re wanting to venture out a little further, then why not try Macalister Brewing Co? Sit down for a few drinks and grab a bite to eat from a visiting food truck. Dinner with a view never felt so good.

No matter what your age or style, Cairns in the wet season is plenty of fun. So, don’t let a little rain scare you away, book your wet season tour today!

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