How long do you need on Green Island?

How long do you need on Green Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/03/2023

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Green Island is a beautiful tropical island off the coast of Queensland.

Green Island is a beautiful tropical paradise and it’s best to spend at least a day. There is so much to do on the beautiful island that a few hours won’t cover it. We’ve made a list below of some of the activities you can do when visiting Green Island for the day.


Snorkelling when on Green Island is one of the popular activities you can do. Snorkelling in the beautiful clear waters is a must and you can hire all the snorkelling gear too!

Helmet diving

A great thing about helmet diving is you don’t really need to know how to swim. You mainly walk along the seabed on the bottom of the waters. You’ll be able to spot some marine life swimming around you.

Glass bottom boat

The glass bottom boat is perfect for those who want to go out in the water but not go swimming. You’ll be in a boat and the bottom will be glass. This gives you perfect viewing of the waters below to spot some marine life swimming underneath.


You can hire a canoe and cruise along the island’s water. It’s perfect to slowly paddle along the waters and take in the view of the rest of the ocean and the beautiful island. This is a great activity if you want more of a relaxing day but still want to do something!

Helicopter flights

Enjoy a scenic helicopter flight to Green Island! The flights are about 10 to 15 minutes, but you’ll see the surrounding reefs of the Great Barrier Reef and Green Island from above.


If you’re up to just taking in the ocean views and relaxing on the beach, you can easily do that too! You can just find a spot in the sand and take in the amazing blue waters. Just remember to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat! Or you can find somewhere to relax inside the rainforest area if the heat is too much.

Walking tracks

There are three different walking tracks you can do when on Green Island. You can do the one hour beach walk and walk along the coast for a view of the turquoise ocean.

Or you can do a half an hour’s walk along the jetty. This is a beautiful one to do to see some marine life swimming in the water. When you reach the end of the jetty you get a nice view of Green Island. There is also a 50 minute boardwalk in the forest. You’ll easily spot some birds up high in the trees or flying around. As you do this walk there are plenty of signs you can read and learn more about Green Islands’ history.

When you make your day trip to Green Island, we have no doubt you’ll be able to keep yourself busy for the day!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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