Craft Breweries in Cairns

Cairns may be far from just about everything else, but the craft beer craze has still managed to make its way there!

Craft Beer is used to refer to all beers made by independent breweries. In previous years craft beers have been rising in popularity, with an industry growth of 9.7% from 2014-2019. What does that mean? Aussies really love craft beer and it’s growing in popularity.

  • Hemingway’s Brewery

    After a long day exploring the reef, two mates returned to Cairns in search for a local brew. It would be the perfect way to end the day! However, they were in for bitter disappointment when they realised there simply wasn’t a local brew for them to enjoy. It was in that exact moment Hemingway’s brewery was born.

    Designed to give locals their own genuine local pub and visitors a place to feel like a local, Hemingway’s quickly became the meeting place for those looking for an ice-cold beer after a day under Queensland’s beating sun. Hemingway’s pride themselves on creating high quality products using local ingredients in innovative and distinctive ways.

    Heading to their Cairns Warf location, you’re welcomed by a 19m long bar offering at least 10 brews for you to choose from. The heritage listed venue boasts unbelievable views, begging you to pull up a stool.

  • Macalister Brewing Co

    Established in 2017, this delightful microbrewery is producing craft beers, by hand, for the Cairns region to enjoy. Founder and Brewer, Rob, spent his younger years as a chemist and brings scientific precision to all of Macalister’s beers.

    After finding success home brewing, the Macalister team decided they needed a warehouse to brew in. Their venue hunt led them to a beautiful building with views out over the cane fields. They were so beautiful they would build a bar there too! Choose to sit down and enjoy a freshly poured beer, or purchase a traveller, the perfect way to enjoy a Macalister Beer in your own home.

    Open five days a week, and located just 300m from the bus stop, Macalister Brewing Co is the perfect place to settle in for an evening. Plus, with food trucks regularly pulling in to serve dinner you’ll leave with a full stomach too!

  • Barrier Reef Brewing Co

    Cam traces his love for beer, and cold drinks, to the day his pet frog jumped into a visitor’s cup of tea.  From this he says he learnt two things; caring for wildlife is a full time job and you should always stick to cold drinks.

    After years caring for wildlife and enjoying beer in Scotland, he and his wife Caz hightailed it back to Cairns. They quickly shared their love of good beer with Cams hometown.  The duo works tirelessly to bring Cairns the best ales possible. Using pure water, local ingredients, and scientific precision, they have what they believe to be the pinnacle of beers.

Cairns may be a small city by Australian standards, but its small yet mighty craft brewing scene is producing delicious beer prefect to cool down with.

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