What to expect in the Wet Season – Cairns

The sun drenched shores of Cairns can be a dream come true especially when you are dipping into the cool hues of the Southern Ocean, wandering under the shade of the ancient rainforest and sipping ice cold beers on the beach. Yet believe it or not this tropical paradise does suffer a wet season during the months between November and May and knowing what to expect can ensure your visit isn’t a wash out.

Wet Season in Cairns

Sultry Days and Stormy Nights

Cairns refuses to let the wet season run riot when it comes to temperature and you will still find sultry days and balmy nights on the cards even in the wet season, only you may find days are littered with thunderous downpours and nights are interrupted by bellowing storms. The torrential rain seems to have a bark that’s worse than its bite and usually a few hours after the water has drained away and the sun is glistening in the sky yet again.

Discover the Daintree

One of the best things about Cairns is its rugged and breath taking outdoor beauty and even the wet season won’t dampen your spirits when it comes to exploration. If you find yourself in the lieu of a rainy day you can still tour the Daintree Rainforest where the wet weather adds a touch of magic as the canopies glisten and mist rises from the floor. Waterfalls and rivers are rushing during this time of year and flora and fauna bloom with the riches of the land. You can also head out for a white knuckle ride in the rain with a spot of white water rafting as you are sure to get wet anyway. Even the grace of the Great Barrier Reef can be explored in the rain as the waters remain warm and welcoming at a comfortable 22-29 degrees.

A Bountiful Paradise

Occasionally during the wet months, Cairns can suffer at the hands of cyclones with heavy winds blowing in and storms surging. Being aware of what to do in a cyclone can ensure that you stay safe whatever the weather. The wet season in Cairns is also known as the green season as during this time the world glows emerald. The rainforest and carved landscape becomes bountiful and blushes with all kinds of colours, accommodation drops in price and you can still get plenty of sunshine for blissing out on the beach.

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