What is the Difference between our Fitzroy and Green Island Tours?

What is the Difference between our Fitzroy and Green Island Tours?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/29/2019

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Having a look at a tropical adventure? Looking to Queensland to satisfy your tropical paradise craving? If so, you may have stumbled upon our Tropical Island adventures and wondered which one’s suit you.

If you are unsure about the differences, here we will take you through the major variances in each island’s day tour. So that by the end, you can decide for yourself which tour matches your desires.

  • 1 Day Fitzroy Island Tour

    1 Day Fitzroy Island Tour

    Adults: $89.00
    Children (4-14): $59.00

    A day spent on the stunning Fitzroy island, nestled in the vast region of the Great Barrier Reef. The Tour will start from Cairns’ Marlin Marina at 8:45am before heading off on the 45-minute journey to the Island. If you would prefer skipping the stress of finding your way to the Marina, you can request a pickup from the majority of the Cairns and Northern beach hotels (for an additional price). During the day guests can enjoy self-guided rainforest walks on the island, an ocean trampoline, and a large chunk of free time to explore the island at your own enjoyment. We can provide lunch if you book the lunch option prior to the tour date, with both hot and cold picnic options. Other Upgrades include snorkel gear, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards. After a full day immersed in the tropical wonders, the tour will trudge back to Cairns for a 5:00pm return, guaranteeing you a full six hours on the Reef.

  • 1 Day Green Island Tour

    1 Day Green Island Tour

    Adults: $98.00
    Children (4-14): $49.00

    Alternatively, you can enjoy a day of fun at the famous Green Island. This tour also commences in Cairns but has a little earlier start at 8:15am. Hotel pickups are also available, with an additional cost needed. The island is around 27 kilometres east of Cairns, taking an hour-long luxury boat ride to reach. The tour includes an all-access ticket to the island’s park, with self-guided walks available through the rainforest. To discover the underwater wonderland in the Island’s shores, guests can either choose a glass-bottom boat tour or snorkel gear for a self-guided swimming escapade. After this, the tour offers a fish feeding activity, so everyone can get a better look at the native fishes of the reef. Lunch can also be provided for the tours guest, with a delicious buffet lunch option listed as an additional cost for the tour.

    If you’ve got a little bit extra to spend, you can upgrade to a number of adventures. Including the Semi-sub Reef Tour or the Snorkel Tour Experience, guaranteeing you some unforgettable experiences on the island’s reef.

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