What can you do at Cairns Harbour on Weekend?

What can you do at Cairns Harbour on Weekend?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/24/2019

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Cairns is a sunshine paradise for travellers, home to pristine sea views, soft sand beaches, and laid-back attractions.

Both locals and tourists use the city’s harbour to recharge and relax in the ocean shores. Soak in the sea air as your troubles melt away in the sun.

  • Set off to the Great Barrier Reef

    The first step to getting to the Great Barrier reef is to head to the Cairns Harbour. Here you get your first breath of salt air as you head out early morning to the deep outer ocean. Get here early to enjoy a fresh juice a hot coffee while you marvel at the stunning water range.

    When out on the reef there are a collection of activities you can choose from. Go snorkelling or diving to explore the underwater world. Or try something more new school such as helmet diving or boom netting. If you’d rather not get wet at all then a glass bottom boat tour is perfect for you. There’s truly something for everyone!

  • Eat Fresh Seafood

    Enjoy the local grub with stunning sea views, at one of the many restaurants nestled along the harbour’s edge. These seaside restaurants offering an exceptional range of food, but probably the most cherished cuisines incorporate fresh, local seafood. Come here for a sunny lunch or a romantic sunset while you pick at a mouth-watering seafood platter.

    Many of the restaurants here have breathtaking views, so be sure to book ahead if you can and request an outdoor table. There’s something truly magical about enjoying a glass of wine as you watch a tropical sunset.

  • Walk around and Discover

    What better way to see the stunning scenery but taking the time to walk through it? With smooth boardwalks and soft sands, you can discover the wildlife and local shops firsthand while strolling along the coast.

    Following the Cairns Esplanade is a fantastic way to see the city like a local. You’ll come across quaint markets and lovely local merchants.

  • Swim in the Lagoon

    Cool off from the scorching Aussie heat right nearby the harbour! The Lagoon located on the Esplanade is a man-made lagoon. Equipped with soft sand, tropical palm trees, and stunning sapphire waters you’re in a tropical paradise.

    Several events are held at the lagoon each year, so there is always something to keep you entertained. Live music, floating obstacle courses and community parties are frequently here. The lagoon is also patrolled by local lifeguards, giving you that extra sense of security.

  • Sunset Harbour Cruise

    After a long day of being out and about in the summer heat, head to the harbour before sunset and hop aboard the city’s harbour cruise. With the cruise takes you past the mangrove trees hugging the shores borders until you are far enough to marvel the city lights at a distance.

    The brilliant sunset sets off an orange glow, reflecting beautifully against the crashing waters. The cruise even offers delicious dinner to go with the view, where you can dig into the delicious nibbles and a complimentary drink while you kick back and relax.

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