Tropical flavours in Cairns

Tropical flavours in Cairns

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/28/2020

Reading time: 3 mins

Cairns has an abundance of small merchants and producers creating an array of delightful tastes. Using local products and flavour profiles, the following businesses are dishing up the best tropical flavours in Cairns.

  • Wolf Lane Distillery

    Wolf Lane was born from a passion for gin and a love for paradise. Found in the heart of Cairns, Wold Lane is a micro-distillery producing small batches of traditional and tropical gin.

    Wolf Lane work with local ingredients to build uniquely Cairns flavour profiles. Plus, by using local ingredients they’re able to support sustainable and organic farming within the Cairns region.

    Heading into their delightful distillery you can enjoy tastings and a tour to learn more about their uniquely tropical gins. Several Cairns restaurants also serve their gin, so you can continue to drink it with your meals throughout your time in Cairns!

  • Natural Evolution Foods

    The health nut in your group will fall in love with Natural Evolution Foods.

    The family-run business produces Green Banana Flour, superfoods and banana-based beauty products.

    What’s banana flour you ask? Banana flour is a naturally gluten-free, organic flour alternative. Banana flour is high in fibre and no, it won’t make all your cakes taste like banana!

    The success of their banana flour has seen them branch into sweet potato flours and more recently vegan protein powders, perfect for the gym junkie. Owner Rob Watkins had suffered from mild coeliac symptoms for years when a twist of fate saw him try to create a flour out of his farms unused bananas. The rest, as they say, is history!

  • Cruze Coffee

    Cruze Coffee started as a small passion project in 2010, ten years later and it is Cairns’ primary coffee provider.

    Cruze Coffee sells a collection of perfectly roasted beans ready to make your coffee dreams a reality. From house blends to single-origin beans, Cruze Coffee has become synonymous with Cairns Coffee Culture.

    If you need a perk up, then look no further. Head straight to Cruze Coffee for a guaranteed great coffee.

  • Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery

    Everyone is familiar with grape wines, but did you know you can make wine with other fruits as well?

    Shannonvale Winery has been producing tropical fruit wines since 2003. They grow all of their fruit produce on-site and harvest them according to when they’ll make the best-tasting wine.

    Their wines have won several awards over the years and are a unique way to enjoy the tropical fruits Queensland is so good at growing.

    Shannonvale produce a range of wines including mango, lychee and passion fruit. Give them a go, you never know, maybe you’ll be sworn off grape wine for good!

Cairns has so many great tropical producers, this list has barely scraped the surface.

Book onto a Cairns tour today and enjoy this wonderful part of the world for yourself!

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