Things to Do at Millaa Millaa Falls

In the sprawling Tablelands of Queensland just outside Cairns, there are a number of pretty waterfalls just waiting to be explored. With several walking trails that weave around these magical landmarks there is plenty to discover, from deep plunge pools to ancient plant life.

As one of the most popular waterfalls in the area, Millaa Millaa Falls promises a backdrop of lush greenery set against a mesmerising show of cascading water. Located on Theresa Creek Road, it is now a heritage-listed site and provides the perfect place to dig into the unique history and natural scenery of this region.

Named from a MaMu Aboriginal phrase that essentially means Elaeagnus Triflora (which is a rare rainforest vine that grows in the region between May and February), the falls are located closed by to the charming town of Millaa Millaa in the Atherton Tablelands.

Soaring almost 20 metres skywards, the falls are a hot attraction for visitors to the region who want to explore the unique natural beauty that this part of Australia offers. As well as the cascading water, there is a refreshing pool at the bottom of the waterfall that visitors can take a dip in.

There is plenty to explore around the waterfall too. Forming part of the impressive Waterfalls Circuit in the Tablelands, the surroundings boast lush rainforest scenery and an ancient narrative that’s still imbued in the centuries-old plant and animal life.

Things to Do at Millaa Millaa Falls

As well as taking a dip in the refreshing plunge pool and gazing up at the impressive waterfall itself, there is plenty for visitors to do while in the area.

Keep an eye out for quirky Australian flora and fauna that’s tucked away behind crisscrossing walking trails, and take a walk through the lush undergrowth – try and spot an elusive platypus as you go.

Elsewhere, there are grassy picnic areas where you can grab a bite to eat and kick back and relax in the sunshine. Don’t forget your camera, though, as Millaa Millaa Falls is one of the most photographed waterfalls in the entire country.

Spending the Day at Millaa Millaa Falls

As well as picnic spots, the area has a number of other facilities which makes it the perfect place to spend a day. There is the natural swimming spot to cool off in, and barbecue, changing rooms, and toilet facilities too.

The Atherton Tablelands promises a deep-dive into Australian history complete with spectacular scenery to go with it. The Millaa Millaa Falls is one of the best places to start your adventure in this region, and it’s the perfect place to end the day with a cooling dip in the refreshing natural pool.

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