The Mangroves of Cairns – Displaying the diverse beauty of Australia

It’s no secret that Australia is known for its incredible diversity across the entire country, it is home to many unique animals and plants that inspire awe and excitement in people worldwide. And when it comes to Australia’s Mangroves, there is no place better equipped with the required conditions than Queensland’s City of Cairns.

Mangroves are trees or shrubs that grow in coastal marshlands and play a very important role in the lives of the trees and plants that surround them. First and foremost, Mangroves act as a buffer of sorts to the oceans rough tides and strong currents, slowing the raging waters down before they can do any damage to the less resilient plant life. What makes them even more fascinating is the way that their roots filter a lot of the ocean’s sediment, preventing any debris from making its way into the water of the marshes. This means that mangroves are vital to their surrounding ecosystem and are key to the survival of these sensitive coastal environments.

Queensland is home to 39 of the world’s 110 mangrove species, and Cairns hosts a significant portion of these. The city of Cairns on the eastern coastline of Australia provides the perfect condition for mangroves to grow, and recently an incredibly exciting discovery was made in Cairns itself. 50 Orange mangroves were found on the shores of Trinity Inlet, a small estuary which is used as the city’s port. This discovery is extremely significant because previously there were only 200 orange mangroves across the entire earth that had been found, meaning that this addition had raised the number by 20%! What’s even more fascinating is that these trees are over 100 years old and some speculate that they may even be 200 years old. This just shows us how vast Australia is, and that even in a highly populated area like that of Cairns, there could still be an endangered plant species growing right under our noses.

Even Cairns airport has a few nearby boardwalks that will take you on a tour of some of the many species of mangroves in the Queensland Area, these boardwalks offer a wonderful and serene environment to start your trip to Cairns off in peace. In addition to their important roles in the balance of the ecosystem, mangroves are also marvellously beautiful trees to view.

Exploring Cairns and learning more about these incredible trees while viewing them in action as waves crash into them head on is an essential activity to take part in on your trip to Cairns.

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