Take a Stroll on the Cairns Esplanade

The Cairns Esplanade seems to have many changing faces, once upon a time it was a mangrove swamp thick with mud and dark with mosquitoes. Since then it has been transformed into a soft cool lagoon with beautiful wooden boardwalks, lavish restaurants, bright and bustling markets and so much more.

As the hazy morning sun shimmers across the lagoon joggers can be found running lightly along the boardwalks, tourists snap away at the views with cameras clutched in their hands and young people sprawl on the grass to drink coffee and enjoy a little peace and quiet before the day starts. In evening you can see couples strolling hand in hand, al fresco dining tables peppering the wooden walkway and children flying through the skate park.

  • Take a Dip in the Lagoon

    One of the most tempting parts of the Cairns Esplanade has to be on humid bright afternoons when visitors can take a dip in the blue and turquoise hues of the lagoon. As the sandy shores are manmade they are sugary soft and pristine. Families gather at the edges to sizzle up the barbeque and youngsters splash in the shallows, adults lounge beneath the trees with a book in hand and everyone basks in the laid back beauty of the esplanade.

  • Visit the Bright Morning Markets

    Cairns Esplanade is a delightful place to indulge in the free fitness classes that help shake you to life as the sun crests the sky. Every day there is something different on offer whether its aqua aerobics in the lagoon or morning yoga and meditation on the soft green grass. During the weekend the esplanade truly bursts to life with the market stalls out in full swing. Meandering through the bright market is a heady experience with stalls overflowing with unique handcrafts and musicians entertaining the crowds. Grab some fresh coffee and a bite to eat and bask in the festive atmosphere as all the local characters come out to play.

  • Fine Dining Beneath the Stars

    As the moon starts to rise on her mast, the Esplanade transforms again into a romantic spot for fine wining and dining beneath the stars. Restaurants, bars and bistros light up the boardwalk with the soundtrack of clinking glasses and soft murmuring voices. Some of the freshest seafood in Cairns can be found on the Esplanade, enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail at vertigo Bar before bagging a table at Atriums for a sit down dinner with beautiful views and impeccable service.

There is always something to do on Cairns Esplanade whether you want to take a stroll and feel the sea breeze or whether you want to cool off and enjoy a whirlwind of activities. This picturesque spot is another great reason as to why Cairns is truly such a special place.

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