How to explore Lake Eacham

Set in the Atherton Tablelands, Lake Eacham is the crater of an old, extinct volcano that’s now filled with crystal clear waters. The landscape looks like it’s been pulled straight out of a fairytale, with smooth waters and lush greenery. Around the lake, there is a whopping 1200 acres of highland rainforest that boasts a tropical climate and a whole host of native animals and plants.

The cool waters of the lake provide the perfect conditions for swimming and getting some respite from the hot Australian sun. At 60 metres deep, it’s a well of underwater life, but there’s also a pontoon to enjoy the views from and a children’s pool that’s ideal for younger members of the family.

What to do at Lake Eacham

Aside from swimming, there is plenty to do around the lake, making it a great day out. There’s a spacious picnic spot complete with electric BBQs, perfect for refuelling and re-connecting with nature.

Keen walkers and hikers will be in heaven at Lake Eacham. In the surrounding scenery, there is a fantastic 4km track that weaves through the lush rainforest scenery around the edge of the lake, proffering breath-taking views, and the chance to get up close and personal with nature. There’s also a 700m self-guided track that leads from the Park’s headquarters, for those less inclined to hike. This leads right up to the lakefront, giving easy access to visitors.

Tucked away within the rainforest scenery are the Eacham Waterfalls, a collection of magical spots that offer picture-perfect scenes. There is a walk that leads straight to the falls or, alternatively, you can hop in your car and drive through the rainforest, which takes you through the World Heritage site and passes all the major hotspots.

To get an insight into the park, the lake, and the wildlife that calls the area home, drop into the National Parks and Wildlife Office on your way in, which has an information centre where you can learn about the history of Lake Eacham and the rainforest, and buff up on the birds, plants, and animals of the region.

Aside from the incredible scenery, Lake Eacham boasts a serene atmosphere that spans for miles in every direction. If you’re looking to get away from it all for a day or an afternoon, then hotfoot it to this magnificent place and soak up its beauty and tranquillity.

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