How long should you spend on Fitzroy Island?

How long should you spend on Fitzroy Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/05/2022

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Fitzroy Island is one of Australia’s true tropical paradises, a mountainous, vibrant gem rising from the Great Barrier Reef’s turquoise waters below. Whether you’re diving amongst some of the reef’s incredible creatures, kicking back at one of the world’s best beaches or hiking some of the island’s famous trails, Fitzroy Island has rightfully earned its place as a dream getaway!

We recommend spending at least two days on Fitzroy Island, as this will allow you to experience all the joys on land and sea.

However, it is possible to have an awesome Fitzroy Island day trip, one that will allow you to kick it at the beach and get out amongst some of the clownfish and sea turtles that inhabit the balmy waters offshore.

But, come on, Fitzroy Island is an outpost paradise, a sprawling, jungle-covered wonderland that should really be given proper time to enjoy it, and you’ll experience these unforgettable adventures when you do:

Diving & snorkelling

After all, Fitzroy Island is in the Great Barrier Reef, and being an island situated out in the reef you can trust that it boasts fantastic diving and snorkelling just off the sand.

Chuck on your gear and out into the beautiful water, where you can expect to find some of the Reef’s most famous creatures cruising around and ducking in and out of the corals. Clownfish, manta rays, sea turtles and reef sharks all inhabit the calm waters, making it one of the best places in the whole reef to check out some of the unique marine life that occupies it!

Kick it at the beach

This is always going to be on the agenda, and why not? Fitzroy Island boasts some of Australia’s – if not the world’s – most idyllic tropical beaches! The pick of the bunch is, of course, Nudey Beach, which isn’t actually a nudist beach and is great for families.

This gorgeous stretch of coastline is what makes tropical North Queensland such a serene spot to vacay – make sure you see it for yourself…


The island’s lush, rugged terrain is ideal for hiking, and for this reason it boasts many fantastic trails that are great for traversing. The ultimate trail – and possibly the most beautiful – that you need to try is the Secret Garden Track, but the Nudey Beach Track will naturally take you to that splendid coastline, so be sure to take that one, too!


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