How long is the glass bottom boat tour on Green Island?

How long is the glass bottom boat tour on Green Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/08/2023

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Discover the Great Barrier Reef underwater on a boat on Green Island.

Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland 

Glass bottom boat tours are perfect for those who can’t or don’t want to go snorkelling or diving. You still get the incredible experience of seeing underwater and watching the marine life swim by. The glass bottom boat tour goes for about half an hour and is a fun experience!

What are the glass bottom boats like?

There are two different boats you might go on when doing a glass bottom boat tour.

The boat will have a glass bottom in the middle and there will be seats that go around the glass. As you sit down, you’ll have a clear view of what’s happening below, and you’ll be able to look over the edge behind you.

Or you might go on the semi submarine. This one is a mix between a boat and a submarine as it can go slightly further in the water as a submarine can. When you tour in one of these, you’ll expect to sit inside the cabin with glass surrounding you. You’ll get amazing views underwater.

What can I expect when on the glass bottom boat tour?

You should expect to see lots of marine life and the coral surrounding Green Island. The boat will take you around Green Island and you’ll be able to see a lot of fish and other marine life swimming by.

What marine life could I see on the tour?

On your tour, you’re highly like to come across a huge selection of tropical fish. Expect to see heaps of different colours, patterns, and sizes with these fish.

You might be lucky enough to see some sea turtles swimming about in the waters. The turtles look very relaxed as they just glide through the water as smaller fish follow along.

An interesting creature you might spot on tour is a dugong. It’s hard to describe this animal, but it’s a large marine mammal.

Another good find is the reef sharks! These sharks are rather harmless and are typically more afraid of you.

It’s rather amazing to see just how much fish and other marine life you can see when on a glass bottom boat. If you’re wanting to book a glass bottom boat tour, head over here! Meet at the Reef Fleet Terminal in Cairns or at an extra cost get picked up from your hotel. You’ll get a ferry out to Green Island and then you’ll have the choice to do the glass bottom boat or go snorkelling.

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