How far is the boat ride from Cairns to Green Island?

How far is the boat ride from Cairns to Green Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/25/2022

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Cairns is, without a doubt, the very best place to experience the Great Barrier Reef. Why? Because just offshore you can get in and amongst some of the Reef’s truly diverse wonderlands, with each individual cay and reef offering something different to the next!

One of such cays is gorgeous Green Island, famous for being the only cay in the region with a tropical rainforest growing on top of it. Green Island is one of the ultimate Great Barrier Reef experiences, with everything from diving and snorkelling to glass bottom boat tours, beach chilling and canoeing all on the action-packed itinerary!

What makes it even better is the fact that the boat ride from Cairns to Green Island is only about 45 minutes long, meaning you will be on this amazing tropical outpost pretty much as soon as you jump on the catamaran.

Expect these awesome experiences upon arrival:

Scuba diving

I mean, after all, you’re in the Great Barrier Reef, and Green Island is truly one of its top places to enjoy a spot of scuba diving. Green Island’s calm waters are renowned for their marine diversity, with countless coral, fish and sea species inhabiting the warm waters just offshore.

Glass bottom boat tour

But hey, scuba diving isn’t for everyone, and it’s perfectly understandable that many people still want to enjoy the reef’s sublime beauty without getting wet or going face to face with the reef’s marine life.

This is where the awesome glass bottom boat tour comes into the fray. Glass bottom boat tours are the ultimate way to see the reef without having to chuck flippers on, as you can see directly into the vibrant sea world and experience all its beauty on one awesome tour!

Forest hiking

We mentioned that Green Island is the only cay in the region that has a lush tropical rainforest growing out of its floor, and this makes for the perfect place to go for a hike and experience some of the beauty that this island boasts without having to enter the water!

Green Island is a refuge for countless bird species, and it’s one of the island’s true joys to be able to trek through its lush wilderness and spot a few of these tropical birds up in the forest canopy (and even down below!).

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