Fun Facts about Cairns

Fun Facts about Cairns

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/15/2020

Reading time: 3 mins

Cairns is a pretty awesome place but sometimes we forget that it is so much more than just the gateway to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

Here are some of our favourite fun facts about this wonderful place in the world.

  • It is home to the world’s most dangerous bird

    The amazing, and terrifying, the cassowary is native to the north-eastern parts of Australia. Though not as tall as the emu, cassowaries are far stronger and more dangerous. The large black birds are easily identifiable due to their bright blue heads and dinosaur-like legs and feet.

    Though omnivores, cassowaries generally survive by eating tropical fruits found in their natural environments. However, just because they don’t want to eat humans doesn’t mean they won’t harm you. They are incredibly wary of humans and have been known to attack with incredible force. If you are lucky enough to come across one in person, stay very quiet and do not disturb them, for everyone’s safety!

  • It has a sister city in Latvia

    Prior to 2000, the idea of sister cities was incredibly popular across the globe. The program allowed cities to pair together to create goodwill between people and share cultural, community and social interactions. Cairns has sister city relationships with seven cities including some in Japan, Papua New Guinea, China, Canada and the USA. Our favourite sister city has to be Riga, Latvia though! The cities joined together in 1988 and have been getting along swimmingly ever since.

  • Cairns homes the highest mountain in Queensland

    Adding to its already long list of attractions, Cairns is also home to the highest peak in Queensland. Mount Bartle Frere measures a whopping 1,611m high and sits just south of Cairns.

    There are plenty of lovely hikes for you to enjoy up and around the mountain. The main trail will take you from Josephine Falls all the way to the Atherton Tablelands. If you want to reach the summit you will need to be an experienced hiker. The mountain is extremely demanding, and hikers should not underestimate how difficult the terrain can be.

  • Moth haters beware, Cairns has the largest moth in Australia!

    The mammoth Hercules Moth is the largest moth species in the world, with a wingspan of over 27 centimetres. The largest one ever found was 36 centimetres wide! The incredible moth is found only in this part of Australia and has more astonishing features than just its size.

    The Hercules Moth doesn’t have a mouth. So, how does it eat? Well, it doesn’t. The Hercules Moth stores food while in its caterpillar stage so that it can survive after it morphs into a moth. Once it emerges from its cocoon it will survive for up to 14 days before it dies, therefore it spends most of its life searching for a mate to reproduce. What a very bizarre lifecycle!

Cairns is a weird and wacky place that we absolutely love. Next time you’re heading there for your tropical getaway remember to keep your eyes open for other wonderful things here!

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