Dundees Waterfront Restaurant in Cairns

Dundees Waterfront Restaurant in Cairns

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/15/2016

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Waterfront dining is one of the best ways to enjoy Cairns at night. As evening draws in, you can tuck into fresh food and soak up the peaceful Cairns atmosphere.

Dundee’s Waterfront Restaurant is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. Set along the Cairns Harbour, it boasts a menu filled with local specialities.

Expect delicious dishes like steak, seafood, pastas, and Australian specialities. All cooked to order and made with only the best and freshest local ingredients!

Dundee’s Waterfront Restaurant oozes a laid back atmosphere. The restaurant’s stylish vibe, ambient lighting and modern décor give you a fine-dining feel. Sitting out on the deck, you can admire boats as they return from the Great Barrier Reef. Gaze out over the sea horizon and enjoy as the sun sets, creating a beautiful array of colour.

Dining at Dundee’s

  • Entrees at Dundee’s Waterfront Restaurant

    The entrees at Dundee’s are second to none. With a range of fresh local fish and Australian speciality dishes in sample size.

    For fish lovers, there’s calamari and seafood chowder. Fruit and vegetable enthusiasts can lap up the soup of the day or the Caesar salad. For something a little more adventurous, order the Aussie Connection. Enjoy kangaroo and crocodile served alongside a selection of special house-made sauces.

    Treat yourself with fresh shucked oysters. Enjoy them natural, or try the chef’s daily oyster special.

  • Main Courses at Dundee’s Waterfront Restaurant

    The main dishes are just as enticing, with many fish, pasta, and meat dishes to tuck into.

    Chicken breast and perfectly cooked steaks offer traditional favourites. While the wild Barramundi provides fish lovers with an exciting new taste. Pasta–fans will love the linguini carbonara and the pasta ricotta ravioli.

    There’s an array of seafood platters for you to choose from. Here you can enjoy the seafood Cairns is so famous for. Or, enjoy a Bush Tucker meal with crocodile, kangaroo, and emu.

    Plus, Dundee’s is ready to cater to all your dietary needs. They’re happy to assist with any vegetarian and gluten-free requests!

  • Dessert at Dundee’s Waterfront Restaurant

    We’d be lying if we didn’t say we think the best part of every meal is dessert! And let us tell you, Dundee’s doesn’t disappoint. With favourites like sticky date pudding and banana fritters, how can you go wrong? For the chocoholic, the chocolate lava pudding with mini Magnum ice-cream is perfect. Or, try the Dundee’s Dessert Taster if you can decide!

Whatever food you enjoy, Dundee’s Waterfront Restaurant provides something for everyone. From fine traditional Australian flavours, to international delicacies, and everything between. Combine the delicious menu with the twinkling backdrop of the waterfront. Look out to the Great Barrier Reef on the horizon and have a night to remember.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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