Dundees Waterfront Restaurant in Cairns

Waterfront dining is one of the best ways to enjoy the twinkling lights of Cairns at night. As evening draws in, you can tuck into fresh food under the stars, and soak up the peaceful atmosphere that the water brings with it.

Dundee’s Waterfront Restaurant is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. Set along the waterfront in Cairns Harbour, it boasts a menu filled with local specialties and those from further afield. Expect delicious dishes like Australian beef steaks served straight from the grill, freshly caught seafood that hasn’t even been out of the water for a day, succulent pastas with tasty sauces, and a whole range of Australian specialty foods.

Situated underneath the Cairns Harbour Lights Hotel, Dundees Waterfront Restaurant oozes a laidback atmosphere and a stylish vibe, with ambient lighting and modern décor. When you’re sitting out on the deck, you can admire the Reef boats as they to-and-fro backwards and forwards from the Great Barrier Reef, and gaze out to sea as the sun begins to set.

  • Entrees at Dundees Waterfront Restaurant

    The entrees at Dundees are second to none, with a range of freshly caught local fish and Australian specialty dishes in sample size.

    For fish-lovers, there’s calamari and seafood chowder, while fruit and veg enthusiasts can lap up the soup of the day or the Caeser salad. For something a little more adventurous, order the Aussie Connection, which combines skewered kangaroo and crocodile served alongside a selection of special sauces.

  • Main Courses at Dundees Waterfront Restaurant

    The main dishes are equally as enticing, with a whole host of fish, pasta, and meat recipes to tuck into.

    Chicken breast and sirloin steaks offer traditional favourites, while the wild Barramundi provides fish lovers with an exciting new taste. Pasta –fans will love the linguini carbonara and the pasta ricotta ravioli.

  • Dessert at Dundees Waterfront Restaurant

    Vanilla ice cream makes for a tasty but traditional dessert, while the marshmallow pavlova provides sweet-toothed diners with a delicious end to their meal. The passion fruit syrup topping brings a Steaktropical vibe to the dish.

Whatever food you enjoy, Dundees Waterfront Restaurant provides a little something for everyone, from fine traditional Australian flavours, to local delicacies, to internationally renowned recipes, and everything in between. Combine the delicious menu with the twinkling backdrop of the waterfront with the Great Barrier Reef on the horizon, and you have yourself a night to remember.

We offer an optional dinner package on our Cairns Sunset Harbour Cruise Tour.

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