Diving and Snorkeling Gear Explained

Diving and Snorkeling Gear Explained

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/13/2020

Reading time: 3 mins

If you’ve never been snorkelling or diving it can be quite the daunting task.

With so many pieces of equipment to learn and understand, we’ve crafted this quick guide to help you know what to expect.

Snorkelling gear

Snorkelling has less gear than diving and requires no training to use. This makes it a great option for beginners and people who are not super confident in the water.

Snorkelling kits generally contain three pieces of equipment; goggles, snorkel, and flippers.

  • Mask or goggles

    Masks, or goggles, are incredibly useful pieces of equipment, especially when you’re snorkelling somewhere as spectacularly as the Great Barrier Reef.

    When we open our eyes underwater, we get a burning, stinging sensation that causes us to immediately close them. Masks help prevent water from getting to your eyes and means you can keep your eyes open to see the magical underwater world in clarity, without pain.

  • Snorkel

    Snorkels are long tubes that have a mouthpiece which allows you to breath underwater. Keep your face down with the end of the tube above the water surface and you can continue to breathe as long as you want!

    The mouthpiece fits perfectly into your mouth, staying put as you clasp your lips around it. The gear is pretty easy to use, and once you’ve got the hang of breathing through your mouth not your nose it’s very easy.

  • Flippers

    Flippers are webbed shoes that people wear while swimming in the ocean. They are great for snorkelling as they help propel you across the water with greater ease. Flippers are also useful in adjusting your body position to be better positioned in the water as you look at the creatures below.

    They can take a little bit of adjustment but once you’ve figured them out, you’ll be zooming through the water.

Diving Gear

Diving gear is a bit more intense than snorkelling gear and takes a bit more training and time to get used to. Don’t worry though, you’ll get full training from qualified dive instructors on your tour. We’re just hoping to get you a bit familiarised first.

  • Air tank

    The great thing about diving is you can stay underwater for a long period, getting closer and better views of the coral reefs. To breathe underneath the water though, you need to take oxygen with you, and that’s what the air tank is.

    Wearing it like a backpack, you’ll carry your oxygen supply for the duration of your dive. It has a bit of weight, but the water buoyancy helps with this!

  • Regulator

    The regulator is what allows you to breathe the correct amount of oxygen while underwater. It can take a while for you to get used to the sensation of having it your mouth and controlling your breathing.

    If you try to not think too hard about your breathing and take controlled breathes, then regulators are easy to use.

Don’t just take our word for it though, you’ll get a comprehensive training when you undertake your beginner dive. Hopefully, you’re a little more prepared for some of the equipment you’ll meet on your Cairns Tours Package.

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