Can you swim at Millaa Millaa Falls?

Can you swim at Millaa Millaa Falls?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/21/2022

Reading time: 2 mins

Australia is a land of spectacular waterfalls. From the Blue Mountains to Kakadu all the way down to Tassie, our landscape is dotted with cascading falls that are a dream to behold!

It should come as no surprise that tropical North Queensland has its own share of flowing waterfalls, with some of the most stunning located on what is aptly known as the Waterfalls Circuit.

Alongside the sublime Ellinjaa and Zillie Falls sits possibly the most gorgeous of all on the circuit – Millaa Millaa Falls. These cascades truly encapsulate the Atherton Tabeleland’s beauty and serenity, with vibrant falls dropping down into a refreshing plunge pool.

You will be thrilled to know that yes, you can definitely swim at Millaa Millaa Falls! The falls are an incredibly popular spot for tourists looking to get a good whoosh of refreshment after bracing the tropical heat and exploring the tablelands.

There is nothing more rewarding after such exploring than reaching Millaa Millaa Falls, getting into your togs and jumping into the glorious pool – it is simply revitalising.

The refreshing Millaa Millaa Falls and Waterfalls Circuit are one of the Atherton Tablelands’ most wonderful experiences, alongside these unforgettable activities:

Paronella Park

Paronella Park is one man’s dream gone awry; Australia’s very own answer to Citizen Kane’s Xanadu. This sprawling mansion was once set to be one of Queensland’s most glorious, but years of bad luck (think tropical cyclones and torrential rain) never allowed the mansion to reach its ultimate completion.

But what remains is still nothing short of incredible, with beautiful, well-preserved ruins lined with vibrant tropical gardens just the quickest way of describing the enchanting Paronella Park.

Hot air balloon ride

The Atherton Tablelands, although not as instantly recognisable as, say, the Great Barrier Reef or Sunshine Coast, is some of Queensland’s most beautiful terrain. And what better way to experience this beguiling land than from the soaring heights of a hot air balloon ride?

The Atherton Tablelands and hot air balloon rides go together very well, in fact, and you will be thrilled to take in the magical plains as you soar high above the landscape as the morning sunlight dances off the earth.

Millaa Millaa Falls, crumbling manor ruins and hot air balloon rides – it all sounds like a pretty good time in the Atherton Tablelands…


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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