Are there stingers at Green Island?

Are there stingers at Green Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/15/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

About a 45 minute ferry from Cairns sits a beautiful tropical island.

Yearly, tropical Queensland experiences a high volume of jellyfish during November and May. And Green Island is prone to getting marine stingers such as the box jellyfish and Irukandji jellyfish around this time of year. But with good protection, you can definitely enjoy exploring Green Island.

How can I protect myself?

Due to the stingers, it’s recommended to be wearing a full length protective stinger suit when out in the waters. These stinger suits are similar to wet suits, but the stinger suits stop the jellyfish tentacles from gripping you.

What can I do at Green Island?

Green Island has fantastic opportunities for adventurers and people who want to relax. You can either spend the day out in the water, relax, or go sightseeing.


Snorkelling is a perfect way to explore the waters of Green Island to view the coral reef. You’ll be giving a brief demonstration class before you’re out on your own!


There are two types of diving you can do on Green Island which are Scuba diving and helmet diving. Scuba diving allows you to go deeper in the water and freely explore with marine life. While helmet diving you walk along the seabed of the island’s water.

Glass bottom boat

Perhaps going into the water isn’t quite your thing, so going on a glass bottom boat is an alternative to still seeing underwater. There is also a semi-sub boat that takes you further into the water.

Explore the rainforest

There are plenty of walking tracks through the tropical rainforest on Green Island. Or you can make one up as you walk through the rainforest while spotting wildlife. The rainforest is filled with a huge range of plants, flowers, and trees.


Hire a canoe and head out into the water and paddle around the island. As you paddle around Green Island, you’ll get some of the best views of the rainforest island surrounded by gorgeous blue waters.

Helicopter scenic flights

Go up in the sky and enjoy an incredible view of Green Island and the surrounding waters. Typically the scenic flights go for about 10 minutes, but you do get some of the best views of the island from a bird’s eye view.


Of course, when you’re on an island one of the top things to do is relax! You can do this on the white sands while having a view of the many shades of blue water. Or keep cool under the shade in the rainforest.

To head out to Green Island you can book a one day tour. You’ll have a stinger suit to wear when going snorkelling or diving and of course any other required equipment.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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