Which marine animals are at Green Islands reef?

Green Island is a part of the 900 islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Being the most visited islands, it ranks up to the list as one of the top locations in Queensland. Most predominantly, what makes Green Island special is being the biggest and best coral cay in the entire reef, with a hub of both land and marine life.

  • Sea Turtles

    Green Island is turtle heaven, with stacks whizzing through the shallow reef shores of the island. These ancient creatures are steady and wise creatures, slowly drifting past you as you snorkel along the surface. This is quite a rare see, for spotting a turtle can be tricky to see in. They are prehistoric creatures, with thousands of years of connection with the island, most coming here to breed and feed on the acres of seagrass.

  • Dugong

    Defiantly an unusual animal is the reef’s Dugongs, referred to as the cows of the sea. With features form all different animals, including elephants, whales, and dolphins. With a flattened tail and a distinctive head shape, it’s easy to pick these guys out of a lineup. They prefer shallow bays protected by inshore islands, making the green island a perfect paradise for them. Much like their main-land twin, dugongs graze on seagrass, drifting through the water lazily in the warm shallows.

  • Birds

    Green Island’s reef doesn’t attract just the underwater creatures, with a large range of seabirds roaming the area. With over 55 species of birds regularly seen flying around the Green Island area, with 13 of these seabirds. These birds specialize in diving down under the water to snag a tasty fish, before setting on the surface of the water.

  • Starfish

    Hidden within the forest of coral at Green Island is hundreds of starfish. With over 2,000 different types of species in the world, the island only has a couple hundred types, but all are stunning in their own way. With hard textures and soft squishy ones, you can see them range in shape and colours, all peeking out in the shallow sea floor.

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