What wildlife can you find on Green Island?

What wildlife can you find on Green Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/13/2019

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Nestled within Australia’s turquoise waters is the mesmerizing Green Island.

A world heritage site, home to colourful coral gardens, an exceptional expanse of rainforest, and unspoilt shimmering beaches. But what makes the Green Island a tourist’s paradise is the number of unique wildlife swarming the area.

Inside the Reef

Green Island is one of the best coral cays along the Great Barrier Reef. A coral cay is essentially a sandy island that sits upon an already existing coral reef. Therefore, when visiting Green Island, visiting the underwater reef is mandatory. Its ancient age (around about 60 thousand years old) makes it overrun with unique wildlife, being a home base for fish, ocean plants, turtles, and seabirds. You can see this spellbinding underwater paradise a number of ways! Undoubtedly one of the most popular is by snorkelling as it doesn’t take much skill and lets you truly see the inhabitants up close and personal. If you crave a little bit more adventure, join a scuba diving tour and sink down to the ocean floor, seeing the reef without the fuss of heading up to shore to breathe. Not a swimmer? even heading off on a cruise lets you marvel at the reef from above. The island’s waters are crystal clear so you can see quite a bit from above once the water settles.

Above our heads

When visiting Green Island, we guarantee you will hear the swoop of wings in more than one occasion. The island is home to 35 different types of seabirds and 28 different forest birds. Green Island attracts a number of types, from birds who enjoy a seafood diet, or those who forage the rainforest’s floor, to those migrating only appearing once every year. Bring a bird book or ask your guide and discover the rarest and unique birds to this area. Simply follow the melody of sounds drifting around the island.

Through the Bushes

There are not just animals to look out for, but a range of plant life hidden within the forest. The island is home to over 120 different types of plants, which blend together to make a perfect rainforest and coastal greenery. Seeing as Green Island is the only coral cay along the Great Barrier Reef with a rainforest, it is an essential spot for plant lovers.

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