What to Do Around Cairns?

Australia’s tropical wonderland, Cairns is famous for its spectacular sun, sand, and sea. One of the top tourist destinations in Australia, the city itself has a bucket load of activities and attractions on offer. But what do you do once you’ve seen everything the city has to offer? Have no fear because Cairns is surrounded by a diverse range of sights within arm’s reach. Take a day trip out to one of these amazing places and see for yourself!

Great Barrier Reef

A trip to Cairns is not complete without a day out on the reef. One of the top tourist attractions in the area, this natural wonder is an underwater paradise. Snorkel afloat on the surface or dive down below to see the colourful coral, fish aplenty, and famous animals such as the dolphin. Even if you aren’t a confident swimmer, the reef offers other activities such as glass bottom boat tours or boom netting.

Green Island

Off the shore of Cairns, lies the tropical Green Island. This national park is an ancient coral cay and is the only one existing on the Great Barrier reef that has a rainforest on top of it. The island is bursting with incredible wildlife, including 120 different plant species, rainforest animals, and the underwater utopia of coral gardens and colourful fishes. You can fill your day with endless snorkelling, trekking through the ancient rainforest, or just lie in the sand and soak up the sun rays.

Atherton Tablelands

An area jam-packed with green mountains, rainforests aplenty, and outstanding waterfalls. This unspoilt land holds amazing attractions such as the famous Millaa Millaa Falls (seen in Peter Andre’s ‘mysterious girl’ music video,) the Cathedral Fig Tree, as well as the Volcanic Crater Lake Barrine. Hike up to the waterfalls, the journey into the caves, swim in the lakes, and marvel at the wildlife, Atherton Tablelands has it all. An unforgettable day full of natural wonders for the whole family.

Fish Charters

Spend the day out on the sea, but instead of diving down below, stay afloat and fish the deep ocean to catch your dinner for the night. There’s no need in bringing anything but your day pack, as the boats provide all the fishing equipment for you. Just sit back and relax as you wait for that line to tug.

Port Douglas

The resort town of the north, Port Douglas is located right along the coast and is only a short drive from Cairns. Wander down the local shopping strip to snag yourself a souvenir or visit the seaside markets on a Sunday morning. Visit one of the many spas scattered within the area and have your troubles melt away. Or if you are in a lazy mood, just enjoy a beach day. Pack your bathers and sunscreen and head down, grabbing an ice-cream from the local shop on your way.

There are countless more activities you can discover, so make sure you leave plenty of time for you to see the many wonders Queensland has to offer.

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