What can you do in Cairns today?

What can you do in Cairns today?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/14/2019

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Teeming with sun, sand, and sea, the city of Cairns is one of the best tropical wonderlands Australia has on offer.

The vibrant city centre offers superb restaurants, fabulous bars, and an easy-going atmosphere. Surrounding the city is the lush greenery and warm sea waters the tropics are famous for. With iconic attractions like the Great Barrier reef and Mossman Gorge nearby, the city works as both an attraction and a base point for others. But where do you start? Here is our list of the very best things to do right now in Cairns .

  • The Lagoon

    Want to spend the day in the city but the heat is unbearable? Cool off from the scorching sun right in the middle of the city with their man-made lagoon. Located on The Esplanade, the area has soft sand, wooden boardwalks, and perfect tropical palm trees. Visit on Sunday and see the local live music that enhances the laid-back atmosphere.

  • Dundees Waterfront Restaurant

    Seeing as the city is right on the shore, it’s no surprise the area is teeming with seafood. With an abundance of seaside restaurants offering the exceptionally fresh and local catches. Out of all the many ocean-front restaurants on offer, our pick is Dundees. Sitting right on the harbour, the restaurant promises breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounds. Come here at sunset to enjoy a mouth-watering seafood platter while you watch the setting sun cast a colourful glow over the water.

  • Cairns Sunset Harbour Cruise

    After a long day of being out and about in the sun, relaxing on the city’s harbour boat cruise is a great way to have your troubles melt away. Setting off just before sunset, the cruise takes you past the mangroves hugging the shores, until you are in the perfect spot to witness the sunset’s brilliant display. If you are a bit peckish, you can dig into the delicious nibbles and a complimentary drink. Kick back and relax as you enjoy the salty breeze cools your sun-burnt skin.

  • Day Trips

    No trip to Cairns is complete without a day out on the Great Barrier Reef. With so many water activities on offer, you can spend your whole day out in the deep ocean and still not of seen everything. Snorkel, scuba dive, or simply cruise out to see the reef from above. Most of the reef’s tours start right at Cairn’s Marlin Marina, and many offer hotel pickups for those who are a bit out from the city centre.

After seeing the sapphire blues of the sea why not visit the nearby tropical rainforests? With sprawling mountains, rainforests, and cascading waterfalls aplenty, you can visit this unspoilt area in just minutes from your Cairn’s hotel. With famous attractions such as Millaa Millaa Falls, Mossman Gorge, and the ancient Daintree Rainforest immersed in the city’s surrounds, you will get best of both worlds with the city atmosphere and the natural beauty.

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