What can I see along the Mangrove Boardwalk?

What can I see along the Mangrove Boardwalk?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/18/2024

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The Jack Barnes Mangrove Boardwalk is a great place to hike near Cairns.

If you fancy a hike in nature while visiting Cairns, check out the Mangrove Boardwalk. It is located in northern Cairns, just a short distance away from the Cairns Airport.

The boardwalk was built in 1988 and restored in 2022. It was named after a physician from Cairns who was a prominent figure in the research of Box Jellyfish.

Today, the boardwalk offers scenic walks and plays an important role in providing information about the mangrove ecosystem.

Mangrove Boardwalk

What can I see from the boardwalk?

Aside from the lush forest of mangroves, there is lots of gorgeous scenery to take in from the Mangrove Boardwalk.

Barron Creek
The northern part of the boardwalk will take you along Barron Creek. You will see a tamer part of the creek as you look out from the boardwalk. If you follow the creek further inland near Kuranda, you will be able to see the cascades of Barron Falls.

Swampy Creek
The southern part of the boardwalk leads to the mouth of Swampy Creek. From here you can also see the towering canopy of the mangroves.

Informational signs
There are many information signs dotted along the boardwalk. These info signs provide heaps of information. The information ranges from the flora and fauna found in the mangrove forest to the history of the boardwalk and more.

What else is nearby?

The Jack Barnes Mangrove Boardwalk is located near the airport, which is just a short trek into the city.

Cairns Botanic Gardens
The Cairns Botanic Gardens are located just a five-minute drive or a 40-minute walk from the Mangrove Boardwalk.

There is plenty to explore here including the Bamboo collection, the Aboriginal Plant Use Garden, and the Rainforest Boardwalk. The gardens showcase a range of flora that are native to Australia and found in other parts of the world.

In addition to the wildlife, there are many scenic boardwalks and lookouts found throughout the gardens.

Cairns Esplanade
The Cairns Esplanade is located further into the city but is only a 15-minute drive from the Mangrove Boardwalk. The esplanade offers a different atmosphere from the nature-focused boardwalk and botanic gardens. Here, you can find an array of lively activities to enjoy!

Take a dip at the Esplanade Lagoon to cool off from the tropical heat. The aquarium is also nearby if you are keen to learn more about the marine life found in North Queensland. There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes to check out and grab a delicious bite to eat.

Next time you fly into Cairns, be sure to add the Mangrove Boardwalk to your itinerary!

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