Top 5 things to do on Green Island

Jump on board the Green Island ferry and spend the day soaking up the balmy sunshine, the blissful blue waters and the plethora of fun all on the picture perfect shores of Green Island. The Green Island ferry departs from Cairns and can deliver you in less than an hour onto the vibrant emerald shores jutting out of the Great Barrier Reef. With a wealth of watersports, scenic beauty to explore and even the chance to indulge in a little perfect pampering you are sure to fall in love with the beauty of Green Island.

Discover an underwater world

Green Island is nestled in the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef making it a world class destination for diving and snorkelling. Discover the vivid colours of an underwater world either by snorkelling off the shore, walking on the sea bed or diving from your boat. Beneath the blue hues you can see coral gardens in bloom, shoals of bright fish and even sea turtles drifting through the swaying sea grass.

Hold a baby crocodile

Indulge in a rare adventure on your journey to discover the delights of Green Island and hold a baby crocodile. The family orientated Marineland Melanesia offers you the chance to witness crocodiles in their natural habitat, find out all about their habits and even hold one.

Take a helicopter tour

Those who are seeking a blend of adrenaline peppered with plenty of beauty should opt for a fabulous helicopter tour. Take off and soar above the emerald tree tops of the majestic Green Island, see the iconic Great Barrier Reef spread beneath your feet and watch the billowing sails of yachts drift below.

Indulge in perfect pampering

After all the excitement and fun of Green Island why not treat yourself to a touch of sheer bliss with a spot of pampering at the Green Island Resort. Whether you enjoy a hands on massage to melt the stresses of the modern world away or a bright and zesty facial, you will leave Green Island feeling a million dollars.

Soak up the simplicity of beach life

As soon as you step foot off the Green Island ferry you will know that this place is all about sand, sea and sun. Pull up a sun lounger; sip a cool beer and splash in the shallows. With a wide range of watersports you can rent a kayak and hit the open waves or play a little volleyball upon the sands.

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