Josephine Falls – Atherton Tablelands

If you’re in Cairns and are looking for some good old-fashioned fun, look no further than Josephine Falls. Located only an hours drive from Cairns, this waterfall and its surrounding area should be at the top of your list when visiting Cairns. The falls are not only a beautiful sight, but they double as a waterslide. Yes, that’s true! The bottom part of Josephine Falls is a natural waterslide, making swimming and water activities fun again! Spend a day out there in the water or hiking around the area. its a great spot for a picnic lunch and provides plenty of photo opportunities.

The falls themselves are the end result of rain water starting its journey 7.5 kilometres above at the summit of Bartle Frere. The water travels down to Josephine Creek and makes its way further to Josephine Falls.

The falls have been a local hot spot for years in the Wooroonooran National Park. There is a car park and walking track, making it easily accessible for anyone, including those who may be handicapped. The park is also equipped with public toilets and a picnic shelter area.

There are wonderful walking trails that head to a few decks overlooking the area and Josephine Creek. This is a popular spot for photos and a great location to soak in the area’s beauty. There are also a variety of local birds that like to show their face every so often and can be a great highlight to your walk around the park

Josephine Falls is easily reached by car, but if you are travelling without an automobile don’t worry. There are tours leaving from Cairns out to the Atherton Tablelands daily. These tours provide valuable information about the area and local history of the national park and its inhabitants. It’s a great alternative to driving as it will save you petrol as well as an option if you are pressed for time and can only spare a day to explore. If you are travelling solo, a tour out to Josephine Falls is worth it as you can make friends along the way and enjoy the falls with a group of like-minded travellers!

Josephine Falls is found in the same region as the Atherton Tablelands; a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts with a big appetite for local foods. Make it a day and visit the Josephine Falls in the late morning followed by a tour of locally made cheeses, honey, and coffee.

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