How long is the walk to Josephine Falls?

How long is the walk to Josephine Falls?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/05/2022

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Northern Australia is a land of marvellous waterfalls, with its rugged terrain and tropical weather providing endless opportunity for wondrous cascades descending into lush valley floors!

Queensland is, of course, no exception, with the likes of the splendid Josephine Falls making up part of a larger series that includes the famous Waterfalls Circuit, which includes the mesmerising Millaa Millaa Falls.

Josephine Falls is located in the Wooroonooran National Park and has a 1.2 km walking track to reach it. The walk in itself is divine, traversing lush tropical rainforest, and arriving at the falls is something more than spectacular, as you will come across the sublime falls tumbling over massive granite boulders.

Josephine Falls are part of the incredible region known as the Atherton Tablelands, situated just outside of Cairns. This gorgeous tropical wonderland also includes the following unforgettable experiences:

The Waterfalls Circuit

If you really have the urge to go chasing waterfalls then the eponymous circuit is the place to be. Home to the Millaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls and Ellinjaa Falls, the circuit is renowned for its lush, varied cascades.

The most popular, however, has to be that of Millaa Millaa, widely renowned as Australia’s most enchanting waterfall. This paradisiacal waterfall is made all the more beguiling by its perfect shaping and lush surrounding vegetation, and, oh, the fact that you’re allowed to have a nice refreshing dip in the pool below!

Paronella Park

Paronella Park is one of Australia’s most fascinating estates, having been the brainchild of a man who desired nothing more than to build his own little slice of paradise, only to have the elements rip and tear at it until it was never fully completed.

This once grandly-envisioned manor house was to be the most impressive in all of Queensland, with Jose Paronella working tirelessly for years to see his dream come true.

It never fully came to fruition, but much of it did, and today you can see the near-eerie remnants of Paronella Park, still with lush gardens and well-preserved structures that never quite became the man’s home.

A hot air balloon ride

The Atherton Tablelands are beautiful – simple as that. And beautiful regions deserve nice things for people to enjoy like hot air balloon rides – something which they thankfully have!

A hot air balloon ride is a serene and tranquil experience that should definitely be enjoyed at the beginning or end of your waterfall hopping, manor house-viewing holiday.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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