How long is the boat trip to Fitzroy Island?

How long is the boat trip to Fitzroy Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/02/2023

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Fitzroy Island is a tropical paradise with rainforests, beaches, and spectacular views of the Great Barrier Reef.

Fitzroy Island is an unspoilt slice of heaven situated about 30 kilometres from Cairns. The boat trip takes about 45 minutes from Cairns, with fairly limited departure times. Please ensure you have checked in 30 minutes before your departure time at the Fitzroy Island Booking Centre.

If you are taking your own boat, this gives you more freedom to go at your own pace and to stay for longer. Just bear in mind, there is a cost per night at the public mooring on Fitzroy Island. You can find out more here!

What can I do on Fitzroy Island?

Fitzroy Island is a haven for self-proclaimed explorers. You can spend a day discovering every corner of the small island, from its pristine beaches, lush rainforest, and crystalline water.

There is a comprehensive one-day tour that takes you out to Fitzroy Island for the day with optional upgrades, such as snorkel equipment hire or a glass bottom boat tour. The tour is the perfect way to get a taste of all this gorgeous island has to offer, without having to worry about the logistics.

Self-guided walks

There are a range of self-guided walks you can do on the island. You can walk through open woodlands, a rainforest, or a beautiful turquoise beach.

Some walks are short and some can go for two and a half hours, so it’s best to check which one you’re attempting. Make sure you have good walking shoes and a water bottle!

Fitzroy Island


The calm waters around Fitzroy Island make it a great spot for snorkelling, or just regular swimming! You can find the perfect snorkelling spot in Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach. The waters here are aplenty with a range of corals and heaps of marine life, such as unique tropical fish and sea turtles. You may even spot a cod!

Relaxing on the beach

Fitzroy Island has some of the most perfect beaches, Nudey Beach was even voted as Australia’s most beautiful beach in 2018. So, it’s a given that you should spend some time relaxing at the beach. Whether you bring a book to read, enjoy the gorgeous water, or pack a picnic, it’s the perfect way to get rejuvenated.

Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

The Turtle Rehabilitation Centre helps save and recovers injured turtles, and you can visit it during your stay. Get to learn about the history of the centre and how the volunteers help recover sick and injured turtles.

As the day comes to an end, it’s time to enjoy the sunset – either at the resort if you’re staying the night, or from a boat on your way back to Cairns.

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