Does It Rain a Lot in Cairns?

Does It Rain a Lot in Cairns?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/25/2021

Reading time: 3 mins

Cairns is famous for sunny days and blissful beach weather!

But sadly, not every day can be the perfect holiday weather, with Cairns’ wet season guaranteeing you plenty of rainfall.

What is the Wet Season?

Cairns Marlin Marina, Queensland

Australia’s wet season occurs in the northern region of the country, with Cairns being in the heart of it all. Running from November until April time, the season consists of heavy rainfall, plenty of storms, and high humidity. The days are hot and humid, with the nights being no better, with the rain barely cooling you off from the sweltering climate. Floods and lightning storms are common occurrences here and can put a damper on your outdoor activities you might be planning.

In contrast, the dry season of Cairns is a lot easier to handle, with mildly hot days, less humidity, and no rain to speak of. When comparing the two, most travellers opt to travel during the dry season, but despite the constant rainfall, Cairns’ wet season does have its highpoints.

What to enjoy in the Wet Season

  • The Light Display

    Cairns’ monsoonal rain and lightning storms can be quite frightening out in the open, but once safely inside it can be an extraordinary sight to see. A truly spellbinding event where the unique cloud formations take over the sky and the spectacular light display begins. Lighting up not just the sky, but the entire region in flashes of light. You haven’t seen a lightning storm until you’ve seen one in Australia’s tropical wet season! Simply set up against a large window and enjoy some natural entertainment while you sip on a glass of wine!

  • Fewer Crowds

    Due to the bad rep that the wet season is renowned for, the majority of the tourists booking the Cairns trips will opt for the dry season. Leaving the region’s tourist attractions to be a lot quieter during the wet season. Due to the crowds decreasing, the cost typically does as well, making for a tranquil and cheap visit to Cairns without having to wait in lines or pay an arm and a leg for accommodation.

  • The Wildlife

    Cairns constant rain may be loathed by the locals, but it is undeniably adored by the wildlife. During this season, the greenery comes to life, growing a sustainable amount and bursting out in a bright green with splashes of colours. See the landscape’s iridescent greens as you walk through the many nearby rainforest regions, with even the local streets and suburbs thick with greenery! Making for a truly unforgettable natural adventure!

  • The Natural Wonders

    It isn’t just the plantlife that comes to life during this season, with the region’s waterfalls becoming truly spectacular wonders. The waterfalls that slow to a trickle in the dry seasons become huge thunderous cascades of water at this time of year. So loud that visitors can hear them from miles away! Stroll through the rainforest and weave your way to these jaw-dropping waterfalls which are dotted about the area!

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