Cairns in the winter – Exploring Australia’s Most Beautiful Destinations

While a wintery chill descends upon southern Australia between the months of June and August, the beautiful Cairns in northeastern Queensland maintains a balmy climate throughout these winter months. The weather during the day maintains a steady 25°C which allows for a great escape from the chill of the south. Cairns creates the perfect recipe for an unforgettable holiday by adding its pleasant weather to the immense number of attractions found here.

Beneath the Coral Sea, off Cairns east coast, lies the Great Barrier Reef. Undeniably the world’s most famous reef, this colossal underwater wonderland spans an area of over 344 000 km² and is the largest structure of living organisms on earth which can be seen from outer space. In the winter the waters are a clear blue, making this one of the most popular scuba sites in the world, but whether you’re deep underwater exploring the coral, or floating on the surface with a snorkel, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible ocean experience. As the long swells of the Coral Sea roll over this reef, they make their way towards the stunning beaches of Cairns. These waves can often be seen dotted with surfers from across the globe as they make the most of Australia’s fantastic surf.

Not only does Cairns offer beautiful beaches and spectacular diving, but an incredible rainforest to the north. The Daintree National Park Rainforest displays breathtaking scenery along their system of boardwalks. With several different levels of boardwalks, you can view your surroundings from the ground, from an 11 m high skywalk or even 23 m up a tower, where you’ll be able to explore the rainforest’s spectacular canopy.

Winter is the very best time to visit the rainforest because of the lowered temperature and humidity, it will give you the chance to explore at your leisure. If you want to discover more of the rainforest from the ground, you can pick up a map of the area and set off along one of the many amazing trails or you can book a tour and head along the nearby river to view some crocs in their natural habitat.

There is no doubt that this is the perfect getaway destination during Australia’s winter months, where you’ll be able to experience the country’s natural beauty in all its splendour.

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