The Sea Life of Green Island

green island 3 michaelFound around 45-minutes from the coast of Cairns, Green Island is a haven of wildlife, particularly when you delve beneath the silky surface of the ocean. Underwater, hundreds of different species of marine life make themselves at home, weaving in and out of the 6,000-year-old coral cay and making friends with the many snorkelers and scuba divers exploring the region.

The reefs that surround Green Island provide an eclectic range of habitats for a number of different species. In the seagrass beds, you can spot young fish, ancient sea turtles, and dugong, while in the reef habitats you can discover more than 190 different types of hard corals and more than 100 types of soft corals.

Green Island’s waters can easily be reached by boat, making it the perfect place to explore the underwater world and everything it has to offer. Snorkelling and scuba diving prove to be popular activities, or you can simply take a boat trip to see the marine life while keeping dry.

If you find yourself exploring the pristine waters surrounding Green Island, keep your eyes peeled for some of the region’s best-loved island michael

Sea Turtles

Green Island is renowned for its huge collection of ancient sea turtles that languish in the seagrasses and coral cay. They provide a glimpse into the lengthy history of the Great Barrier Reef as the glide through the waters, only coming back to the reefs of Green Island to find a bite to eat and a mate.

green island 2 michaelFish Species

Expect to see plenty of different fish species if you’re exploring the waters around Green Island. There is a wonderful selection of colourful species that roam the waters, many of which boast incredibly vibrant patterns, like the famous clownfish that lurks among the pretty corals.


These majestic creatures have made themselves at home in the seagrasses that flank Green Island. Here, they feed on the long reeds and bask in the warm shallows while the sun is high in the sky.

Hard and Soft Corals

The waters surrounding Green Island are predominantly made up of an ancient coral cay that provides the perfect backdrop for many of the creatures that live there. The hard and soft corals are home to molluscs, small fish, and other creatures that use the unique scenery to hunt, feed, and rest.

Green Island is the perfect place to experience the eclectic and fascinating underwater world of Australia. As well as a unique marine landscape filled with hard and soft corals, you can get up close and personal with some of the country’s most majestic sea creatures.